The no-smell stash box

Are you tired of your secret stash being sniffed out by prying noses? Look no further!
Head Case Redux state-of-the-art stash box is designed to keep your herbal treasures under wraps without a hint of odor. With our innovative technology and sleek design, you can stash your goodies with confidence and discretion.


Keep it Secure

Your go-to for a secure cannabis stash box.
We understand the importance of keeping your cannabis accessories safe and sound. Our top-notch stash box offers unrivaled security, ensuring your prized possessions stay protected from prying eyes and sticky fingers. Trust in Head Case Redux for ultimate peace of mind.

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Keep it private

Your ultimate solution for keeping your cannabis private and away from prying noses.
Our innovative stash box is designed to provide maximum discretion, ensuring your herb remains concealed and undetectable. With Head Case Redux, you can enjoy your cannabis with peace of mind, knowing it's kept safe and hidden from curious sniffers.

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Complete protection

High-impact case made of scuff-resistant plastic.
Designed to provide ultimate protection, our stash box ensures that your valuable gear stays safe from bumps, drops, and wear and tear. Trust Head Case Redux for durable storage and peace of mind.

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